Feed Your Homeschool: 12 Language Arts Resources You Probably Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Is your homeschool getting a little dull in the language arts department (in someone’s opinion, even if not yours)? Throw in something different!

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Three Sides to Every Story (Image)

America is going crazy . . .

The world around us is going crazy. America is going crazy. Have you noticed? Oh, sure, it’s been kind of crazy for a long time, but. . . it just keeps getting worse.

Please note: This is not a political post. It’s a post about the breakdown of morality in our country, from a Biblical Christian perspective. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, this post is not for you. There’s no need to read this and get yourself all upset. 🙂

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What to Do With an Abundance of Apples

One component of eating the cheapest foods (rather than looking for ways to afford the foods you want to eat) is taking advantage of deals. Sometimes that can land a little more produce in your hands than you know what to do with. Don’t be afraid of it!


Here’s what to do if you’re …

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Feed Your Home School: Resources for Studying Ancient Egypt

Food Your Home School: Resources for Studying Ancient Egypt

Does your family like to study ancient Egypt–or just ancient history in general? Me too!

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Real Life Organizing: Button Storage Tactics

Overwhelmed with buttons? This is what worked for me.

I’ve “inherited” a lot of sewing supplies in the last few years, from multiple sources. An old metal cabinet with plastic drawers turned out the be the perfect solution for my ever growing button collection! It was also someone’s cast off  (and at this point I can’t even remember where it came from!).

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