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Positive Marriage
What is marriage? Marriage that is aimed not only at survival, but at success: being what God intends it to be. I want to protect the existence of home, sweet home, one family at a time, and that means one marriage at a time.
While I don’t write about marriage specifically (I’m not married!), I do share things on Facebook. I also write about home and relationships in general, here at Keeping Home.
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Positive Parenting
I believe parents and children should be friends.
I believe parents are the first and most important educators and socializers of their children.
I believe the family is a monarchy, not a democracy.
I believe parents should be authoritative not autocratic. They are subject to God and the rule of His word, and should not rule their families by selfishness or whim.
I believe discipline in more than punishment.
I believe in making home a little bit of heaven on earth.
I don’t write parenting how-to’s and experiences because I’m not a parent. I know the principles I believe in but not the details of how to implement them. 😉 However, I do share things on Facebook and the blog, and I do write about those principles. 
I feel like being old enough to be a parent (or even a grandmother–a very young grandmother, mind you) allows me to see things from a parent’s perspective, while not being a parent allows me to still see things from a child’s or teenager’s perspective a bit better. Because I haven’t moved on to the next stage, that of being a parent and, therefore, seeing what parents see and feeling what parents feel,  I’m very much still connected to the perspective and feelings of my youth.  There has been maturity, but no break, no changing from one role to the opposite role. I empathize with the needs and feeling of children, and the concerns and burdens of parents, and feel passionately that parents and children should be allies, not enemies.
Religion in the Home
Every home is a little church. It’s a place of learning, worship, growth, and fellowship. Just as a home without Christ is desolate, so a Christianity that doesn’t extend into, and benefit, the home life, is desolate.

It is my belief that the most important battleground in the war between good and evil, God and Satan, is the home—and YOUR home is the front line
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Education in Home
Education in the home isn’t just for homeschoolers! I believe that every home is an educational center and every member is a participant in learning, from baby to great-grandpa. Learning (and putting the knowledge and skills we learn into practice) should be a part of our everyday lives.
However, because I was homeschooled and believe that homeschooling is a great thing in many cases (and I would most likely homeschool my own children if I had any), I do love it and talk about. Check out my Feed Your Homeschool resource posts!
For the Family
It’s in my heart to provide resources for men, women, youth, and children who want to take their home life to the next level–to improve it for the good of home, sweet home, whether practically, spiritually, relationally, socially, or in some other way. What I have in mind here is more practical and social: clothing, toys, games, literature. The things family members need as individuals or groups, or that will nurture happy family times.
The thing is, transferring this from my heart to your home is challenging and time-consuming!
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Celebrations and Remembrances
Those special happy times . . . and some sad ones.
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