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Scripture Prints for the New Year

Scriptures prints for the new year.

Renew. Refresh. Restart. It’s a new year! January is a time of reflection and planning. With that in mind, I’ve created some simplescripture prints for you (and for myself!).

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Three Section Blank Checklist {Free Printable}

Three-section Blank Checklist (free printable)

A blank checklist? Yep! These can be so handy!

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Four Section Brainstorming Sheet {Free Printable}

Four Section Brainstorming

Is your brainstorming getting out of hand?

Organize it! Use this free printable brainstorming worksheet to organize and label your brainstorms.

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Four Section Blank Checklist {Free Printable}

Four Section Blank Checklist

Here’s four section blank checklist to go along with the Six Section Blank Checklist I shared some time ago. That post, by the way, has tips for what to do with a blank checklist.

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Six Section Blank Checklist {Free Printable}

Free printable Six-section Blank Checklist

This free printable is boring. Very boring. But so are blank sheets of paper and they are so useful!

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