Books of the Bible Coloring Pages

Are you trying to learn the books of the Bible? If you like to color, let these coloring pages be part of your learning strategy!

These printable Books of the Bible coloring pages are designed to do two things for you or your children:
1) Give you something to color. 🙂
2) Help you learn the books of the Bible, by getting you familiar with their names and order while you color.

They have a very simple design—just color the words. Learn the names as you color them. As you color, you’ll become familiar with the order in which they occur in the Bible.

Set of 5 coloring pages, with the books of the Bible listed in order in an outline font.

Two Ways to Get the Them

You choose! Buy them from the shop OR get them for free in the Keeping Home Tools Library. Keep reading for details!

Books of the Bible coloring pages: learn their names and order while you color!

Buy the Books of the Bible Coloring Pages

Option #1: you can buy the coloring page set in my Etsy shop. Maybe your inbox is overloaded already, or maybe you’re not sure Keeping Home is your “thing.” No problem. For just a few dollars, you can grab these coloring pages from my shop and get coloring!

Get the Books of the Bible Coloring Pages As a Subscriber Freebie

Option #2: get them for free! The books of the Bible outline coloring pages set is one of the “subscriber exclusive” freebies in the Tools Library. If you’re already a subscriber, just jump over to the Tools Library, log in, and grab your freebie. That is, if you remember the current pass code. If you don’t, just sign up again!

If you’re not a subscriber yet, but you’d like to be, just sign up below. If all goes as planned, you should get a link to the coloring pages in your inbox shortly.


I certainly hope you enjoy these coloring pages . . . and I wish you success learning the books of the Bible!

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