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If You Want Your Children to Trust You When They Are Teenagers . . .

If you want your children to trust you when they are teenagers . . . what in the world do you do?

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12 Reasons to Have Children?

You really should have children ~ and here’s why. Maybe?

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Mini Bible Reading: Moses and the Burning Bush

Want to read Bible stories together? In “parts?” Here’s a mini Bible reading from the book of Exodus, the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.

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10 Ways to Wound Your Child’s Heart

Not because that’s on your to do list, but because it often ends up being on parents’ “did” list whether they realize it or not.

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Feed Your Homeschool: 12 Language Arts Resources You Probably Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Is your homeschool getting a little dull in the language arts department (in someone’s opinion, even if not yours)? Throw in something different!

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Feed Your Home School: Resources for Studying Ancient Egypt

Does your family like to study ancient Egypt–or just ancient history in general? Me too!

Get Real: Nobody’s Perfect

You’ve heard it. You’ve probably said it.

“Nobody’s perfect”

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