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Are Your Goals Realistic? Questions to Ask Yourself About Each Goal

Are your goals realistic? Questions to ask yourself about each goal.

So, if you’re like most of us you’re setting some goals for the new year right now. But are those goals realistic? That is, do they actually match reality? Are they things that you can actually potentially achieve? Let’s look at some of the things we should be asking ourselves (note to self) to filter our wild dreams into potentially doable goals.

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable by Keeping Home

Want to make your home more comfortable but need something easy with fast results? Here are five quick and easy things you can do.

Actually, there are fifteen, because what you can do depends very much on the state of your home. Pick the list that best fits the current state of your home!

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Two Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Safe and More Comfortable At the Same Time

Two Simple Ways to Improve the Safety and Comfort of Your Home At the Same Time

Want to improve your home’s safety and comfort at the same time? Without getting in over your head?

November is “comfort month” around here, at least this year. That’s because I’m running a Homemaker’s Club at my church and our “curriculum” (also known as monthly themes) is based on The 12 Principles of Home Management. We’re on principle #2 (Comfort) in November. Last month was Safety (so I’m still thinking about both). I figure I can accomplish more on the home front, the job front, and the church front if I’m not trying to focus on so many completely different things. So it’s comfort all around!

Here are a couple of ways you can improve both the safety and comfort of your home.

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The Home Management Principle of Comfort: An Overview of What It Involves

The Home Management Principle of Comfort: An Overview of What It Means

A home should be comfortable, a place you actually want to be. And not just you, as the homemaker, but every member of the household. Comfort involves things like creativity,beauty, flexibility, quality, cleanliness, and peacefulness. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the absence of discomfort and distress!

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How the Pantry Principle Can Help You Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

How The Pantry Principle Can Help You Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

If you’re wanting to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables each day, you need to implement the Pantry Principle! Here are a few ways the Pantry Principle can help you eat more fruits and vegetables.

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The Home Management Principle of Safety: An Overview of What It Involves

The Home Management Principle of Safety: and Overview of What It Involves

Now it’s time to start applying the twelve principles of home management. What does the principle of safety involve?

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32 Reasons I’m Not Afraid of High Standards

Why high standards don't scare me. High standards in faith, morality, relationships, housekeeping, and life in general, aren't the problem.

I get the impression that some people are.

Whether we’re talking about moral standards, relationship standards, housekeeping standards, or whatever, they are apparently more associated with guilt, shame, discomfort, and fear than anything else. Or else annoyance, because of the guilt, shame, and discomfort they make you feel.

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The 12 Principles of Home Management

The 12 Principles of Home Management: 12 Guiding Principles to Help You Balance All the Things

You know you need a clean home. You’re supposed to be nice to your kids. You want to be efficient with your work.

Your home needs to be comfortable. How do you keep up with it all and not hyper-focus on some aspects of home management while letting others go?

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Are You a Struggling Homekeeper?

Are you a struggling homekeeper? Help for Christian homemakers who aren't keeping up (or at least aren't enjoying themselves)

Are you struggling to be a good housekeeper? I get you. But do YOU get you? I mean, there’s a REASON you are struggling, and it might not be what you think.

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Scripture Prints for the New Year

Scriptures prints for the new year.

Renew. Refresh. Restart. It’s a new year! January is a time of reflection and planning. With that in mind, I’ve created some simplescripture prints for you (and for myself!).

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