Category: Home Management

The 12 Principles of Home Management

You know you need a clean home. You’re supposed to be nice to your kids. You want to be efficient with your work.

Your home needs to be comfortable. How do you keep up with it all and not hyper-focus on some aspects of home management while letting others go?

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Are You a Struggling Homekeeper?

Are you struggling to be a good housekeeper? I get you. But do YOU get you? I mean, there’s a REASON you are struggling, and it might not be what you think.

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Scripture Prints for the New Year

Renew. Refresh. Restart. It’s a new year! January is a time of reflection and planning. With that in mind, I’ve created some simplescripture prints for you (and for myself!).

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Three Section Blank Checklist {Free Printable}

A blank checklist? Yep! These can be so handy!

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Six Section Blank Checklist {Free Printable}

This free printable is boring. Very boring. But so are blank sheets of paper and they are so useful!

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Real Life Organizing

Real Life Organizing. What in the world is that?

It’s organizing solutions that actually work for your real life, right now. It’s a simple solution to the complex and discouraging problem of trying to be organized when you just don’t have the right tools, materials, money, or skills for what everyone else is doing or for what you think would be ideal.

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5 Important Keys to Making Organizing Actually Happen

Want to make this whole organizing thing, you know, actually happen? For real? For you? Here are five keys I’ve found that have already made a difference in my life.

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