The Hidden Costs of Saving Money on Food

What? Saving money on food costs money? It sure does! Consider these costs so that you can be prepared for them and control them.


The Hidden Costs of Saving Money on Food


The Hidden Costs of Saving Money on Food Include:


  • The cost of acquiring the food
  • The cost of storing the food
  • The cost of preparing the food


The Hidden Costs of Acquiring Food

Fuel—if you go to more than one grocery store or visit stores farther away from home.

Shipping costs—if you mail order any of your food or cooking equipment.

Membership fees—if you belong to buying clubs and they charge fees.

Gardening costs—if you grow any of your own food. These include seeds, plants, tools, education, and more.


The Hidden Costs of Storing Food

Books and education—food preservation books and classes, food storage books.

Gas and electricity—to run your freezer, to regulate your cellar temperature, for canning or dehydrating.

Remodeling or building—cellar, pantry shelves, etc.

Food storage containers—a freezer, freezer bags, canning jars, bug-proof containers and buckets, etc.

Canning supplies—jars, lids, rings.


The Hidden Costs of Preparing Food

Books and education—cookbooks, cooking classes.

Specialty appliances—pressure cooker, slow cooker, waffle iron, mixer, rice cooker, etc.

Specialty cookware and kitchen tools—the more cooking from scratch you do, the more stuff you need to do it with!

Gas and electricity—for more home cooking.


It’s not just a one-way deal, with everything you do saving you money! Make sure you figure in the cost of any money-saving method you’re thinking of implementing.



Don’t let the hidden costs take you by surprise!


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