What Does Faith Mean? “Who Am I?”Game Cards

Can you identify these Bible characters of faith? Test your knowledge of the Bible while exploring and reinforcing the meaning of biblical faith with this set of free printable “Who Am I?” game cards!

Use the What Does Faith Mean? “Who Am I?” free game cards as quiz cards or use them in your favorite games. Beyond just a game, these cards can also serve as prompts for family Bible studies. Who are these Bible characters and what do they have to do with faith?

These Faith “Who Am I?” Game Cards Are Great For:

  • School or homeschool
  • Parties or Church socials
  • Women’s Ministry Events, Youth Events, and other church activities
  • Family fun
  • Part of a family worship, personal devotional, or Bible study program
What Does Faith Mean? Who Am I? Game Cards {Free Printable}. Part of the "What Does Faith Mean" puzzles and games series.

Details About the What Does Faith Mean? “Who Am I?” Game Cards

This set of printable cards contains twelve cards, each bearing the name of a character in the Bible who had faith, who didn’t have faith, who had their faith tested, or who said something about faith. Instructions are included in the file.

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This free printable “Who Am I?” game cards set is part of the What Does Faith Mean? series and the printable puzzles and games collection. Want more?

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