Five Simple Ways to Eat More Fruit

Do you realize you need to eat more fruit? Have trouble even getting the minimum recommended servings each day?

It might be easier than you think to increase your fruit intake. Try these five simple ways to eat more fruit.  Okay, six. There’s a bonus. 🙂

5 Simple Ways to Eat More Fruit

Eat One Serving of Fruit Before Breakfast

Eat one serving of fruit before breakfast. One serving doesn’t take long. Eat an orange, a banana, or an apple, for example. If you’re in a hurry, eat ½ cup of canned fruit while your toast is in the toaster.

Eat One Serving of Fruit After Breakfast

Eat one serving of fruit after the rest of your breakfast—as a sort of  dessert. If you’re in a hurry eat a banana or a handful of dried  apricots on your way out the door.

Choose Dried Fruit Over Candy

Choose dried fruit over candy. It’s sweet (usually!) and nutritious. Choose dried fruits without added sugar whenever possible. Grocery stores typically carry raisins, prunes, and apricots, which are typically no-sugar-added options (check the label just to be sure). You might also be able to find dates, which are super sweet! Try different fruits and brands to find your new favorite “candies!”

Keep Fruit on Hand

If you don’t have it you won’t eat it. Conversely, if you have it in abundance it will be easier to eat it in abundance. If you end up with too much fruit that’s about to go bad (or is too ripe for you), put it in a smoothie or blend it up (add some canned fruit if necessary) to make a fruit sauce for waffles and pancakes.

Choose Fruit Desserts over Non-fruit Desserts

Choose fruit desserts, such as fruit salads, and pies and crisps over non-fruit desserts, such as cakes and puddings.  Choose cookies with dried fruit (oatmeal raisin!) over cookies without.

Bonus: If you drink sweet drinks, drink 100% fruit juice instead.  Choose 100% fruit juice over juice drinks, colas, and other beverages (except water!).

How will you eat more fruit today?


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  1. We eat a lot of fruit in our house! My favorite way is to add it to our oatmeal. Since we eat oatmeal almost every more, it help it have a different flavor each time so we don't get sick of it. lol

    1. That’s a good way!

  2. I will use these tips to eat better and healthier. It’s really important!

  3. I eat fruit especially in the noon. because of that time I fell become more hungry and thirsty generally in summer. but your article is a good one it shows me another way thanks.

  4. Sometimes I enjoy eating fruits like bananas and apples with peanut butter. Also, having things pre-cut and easily accessible can encourage your whole family to eat more fruit.

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