Modest Swimsuits I Would Actually Wear

Summer’s here. Do you have your swimsuit ready?

If not, you’re probably still struggling to find one that’s suitable. Modest swimwear for women (or anyone else) isn’t exactly common. 😉

Full disclosure, here: we won’t talk about how long it’s actually been since I’ve been near water (and therefore, needed a swimsuit).  Well, maybe we will. I was a teenager (that was quite some time ago). I wasn’t impressed with how much of me it didn’t cover, even though it would have been considered modest by most people. Over the years, my conviction has increased (while swimwear coverage has decreased) that I really don’t want to wear significantly less clothing when near water than I do any other time.

While I’m not a water person, I know most of my readers probably are. I’ve been watching the modest swimwear scene for the last few years and there are some things I think would like to wear and some I wouldn’t. Some are called “modest” but sure don’t look it to me. Others, while modest, just don’t look like swimwear to me. These are my picks!

Modest Swimwear (for women) I Would Actually Wear


Opinions vary, both in terms of style and coverage, so if these don’t fit your needs, check the links at the bottom of the post for more options (plus, the sites I picked often have other options that I didn’t personally like).


This post contains affiliate links. This means that I could earn a commission if you purchase something after clicking through one of them (at no additional cost to you). In some cases, commission may be based on some action other than a purchase. Again, this does not affect you in any way.



AQUA MODESTA original modest swimwear. “

Top, shorts, and capris (they also have dresses and skirts).


Bathing Beauties by Liz

Etsy shop with custom modest swimwear. I rather like the fuller skirt and the swim top with cap sleeves.



An Etsy shopping offering made to order modest swimwear. These are the ones I look at and think, “Oh, that’s a really nice swimsuit!”




“Modest comfort made beautiful for you!” Etsy shop that includes modest swimwear. Nice styles.




Swim skirts.


Dressing for His Glory

Has several options, some of which I would wear. I think the skirts are too long for me but I like the tees.



Shorts, short swim dresses, shirts, and tops (they also carry other options). Not generally attractive, in my opinion, but I guess swimwear doesn’t necessarily have to be attractive just because I like pretty things. 😉



Swim shorts and skirts (they do have some conservative tops but they don’t meet my requirements).


Katie Mellas

I don’t usually like swim dresses but I find these very attractive.


Lilies Apparel

I think this is a pretty nice swimsuit!



Swim skirts and shorts.  I’d have to get my top somewhere else!


Mod Swimwear

Shorts, capris, shorter skirts and tops (they also have longer skirts and dresses).


Modestly Yours Swimwear

Etsy shop that sells modest swimwear. These look pretty nice, I think, and they have several different styles.



Skirts and shorts only.


Swimsuits Direct

Swim skirts. That’s all for me!


Swimsuits for all

Skirts, shorts, and capris. I’d have to get my top somewhere else!


Other options:

More modest swimwear on Etsy. 

Conservative swimwear: L.L. Bean, Swimsuits for All, JCPenney (tankinis and one-pieces, plus the shorts and skirts I linked to above.).

Also check out this Pinterest board: Modesty Matters.!

Hope this helps you have a wetter summer! 🙂


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