Real Life Organizing: Clothes Hanger Management

Here’s how I corralled the extra clothes hangers a few years ago. Naturally, the skirt hangers got tangled up and resisted removal, but it was certainly better than not having them corralled!

I’ve since moved most of them into the storage shed (and promptly lost them) now that my closet organization is fairly stable and we have a storage shed.


Real Life Organizing: Clothes Hanger Management


Materials and Method

I believe I started with the top or bottom of an orange box and some extra cardboard (longer than the box).

I cut the extra cardboard pieces two or three inches longer than the box.

Then I bent one end of the each cardboard piece over about an inch (or so).

Then I bent the other end the opposite just so the piece would fit snuggly inside the box and not fall over.


I always think bending the ends in opposite directions makes the divider more stable. However, I can’t recall whether or not I’ve ever tested that. It could be a myth.


The Takeaway

This wasn’t a perfect solution but it worked. It solved a problem and eliminated clutter and frustration for years.  Aside from the solution itself, here are three lessons I see in it.

  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect (if perfect can’t be obtained). It just needs to work. An organizing solutions needs to solve a problem without making a bigger one (or another on of the same magnitude). That’s all.
  2. If the solution is not ideal or you know it’s just temporary, make it a quick fix. Don’t spend a lot of time on it. Don’t spend a lot of money on it, or any at all, if you can find something simpler that will work.
  3. It doesn’t have to make sense of anyone besides you. Why do you keep all those wire hangers? They don’t work. Why don’t just by some plastic ones? Do you really need those hangers? Aren’t you just organizing clutter? If it doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry. 😉 However, it was exactly what I needed! 


Do you keep extra hangers? How do you manage them?






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