What to Do With an Abundance of Pears

One component of eating the cheapest foods (rather than looking for ways to afford the foods you want to eat) is taking advantage of deals. Sometimes that can land a little more produce in your hands than you know what to do with. Got pears? Here’s what to do with them.




What to Do With an Abundance of Pears

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You Can Freeze Them

Here are instructions for freezing pears. You can likely also free pear puree. I don’t know what the end product would be like but applesauce works so why not give pear sauce a try?


Don’t know how to freeze foods? See resources below.


You Can Can Them

Just be sure to get all the “grit cells” out (a bit of advice that applies to any form of preservation, really)! Please note that these instructions do not apply to Asian pears.




Find general instructions for canning fruit (including pears) in this list.


Don’t know how to can? See resource below.


You Can Dry Them

And they’re yummy. Dry pear slices or add pears to fruit leathers.


Don’t know how to dry foods? See resources below.


Eat Them!

Eat them for every meal and never eat the same thing twice!


Here are a few ideas:

  • Fresh pears
  • Poached pears
  • Pear pie
  • Pear cobbler
  • Pear salad
  • Pear bread
  • Pear cake
  • Pear crisp
  • Pear scones
  • Pear muffins
  • Pear cookies
  • Pear sauce
  • Fruit salad
  • Fruit soup
  • Fruit sauce


No need for pear boredom!


Need a recipe? See resources below.


Eat Them Later

Keep cool for longer keeping. Make some of the things above, like pear bread or muffins, and freeze for later use.


Share Them With Others

Pick out some nice ones to shares with friends or make a pear treat for someone who needs some love.



So Easy To Preserve New & Revised Edition Plastic Comb – September 2, 2006by Elizabeth Andress (Author), Judy Harrison (Author).

Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving ~  37Th Edition by Ball

Excalibur dehydrators (they’re supposed to be very good).

National Center for Home Food Preservation | UGA Publications (PDF instructions)

National Center for Home Food Preservation | How to Can

National Center for Home Food Preservation | How to Dry Foods

Drying Foods

Pear recipes at Allrecipes.com

Search for “pear” here.

Pear recipes at Vegetarian Times.

Pear recipes at Food.com

If you don’t have an abundance of pears but you’d like to, try Ripe Near Me or Local Harvest.


Never fear too many pears again!


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