10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home

Do you wish your home was more peaceful? Yesssss! Who doesn’t want more peace? 🙂 Here are a few random ideas for making your home more peaceful. They might not be the equivalent of a whole “peace-inducing strategy” but if you see something you’re not already doing, just give it a try and see what happens!

But first: what is not peaceful? Chaos. Disorder. Unpleasant sounds. Constant noise. Things that don’t work. Not being able to find things. Arguing and fighting. Distractions. Annoyances. Anxiety. Disturbances. Disharmony.

Think about the things in your home that are not peaceful and work to eliminate them or “tone them down.” Maybe some of these tips for a more peaceful home are just what you need!

10 Tips for a More Peaceful Home

#1 Keep Walkways Clear

Keep walkways clear, throughout the home, to avoid injuries and disturbances. There’s nothing peaceful about stubbing a toe or sending a pile of stuff crashing. Or breaking a bone.

#2 Turn It Off!

Turn the radio/television on only when you want to listen to/watch something. Don’t always have it on in the background. You need quiet.

#3 Screen the News!

Only listen to, watch, and read the news (and commentary) that is necessary or benefits you. You’re not under obligation to absorb all the problems in entire world, or even your entire country. Or even your town or region. Limit your consumption to what is truly helpful!

#4 Minimize Discussion of Everyone Else’s Problems

Minimize discussion of all the relatives’, the friends’, the neighbors’, and the world’s problems. There are better subjects of conversation!

#5 Keep Dinner Conversation Pleasant

Keep conversation at the table on subjects pleasant to everyone.

#6 Listen

Listen when spoken to. And when not spoken to. Some people don’t talk unless they know someone is ready to listen.

#7 Speak Kindly

Speak kindly. Use the same tone of voice you would like used on you. Think before you speak!

#8 Be a Step Ahead of Problems!

Fix things when they need fixing and before they cause a crisis.

#9 Be Prepared: Have What You Need on Hand

Be prepared. Running out of things you need and not knowing you’re out until the last minute ~ that’s stressful! Of course, you can’t prepare for every possibility but you can certainly plan ahead for normal needs. Even with a small pantry, you should never run out of toothpaste while you’re brushing your teeth. Or realize you’re out of shampoo when you must wash you’re hair before you leave the house. Or planning what to cook only to . . . repeatedly . . . find out that you can’t make that because you’re out of something. In other words, follow the pantry principle!

#10 Practice Gratitude and Contentment

Attitude matters. Be grateful for what you have and practice an attitude of contentment.

Are there any of these tips for a more peaceful home that you need to start implementing today? I really appreciate numbers 2, 3, and 5. Life. Changing.

I probably need to work on numbers 7 and 8. Also, #9. We have a lot of stuff on hand but . . . finding it is a common problem. So I guess I need to work on #9.5! 😉

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