Feed Your Home School: Resources for Studying Ancient Egypt

Does your family like to study ancient Egypt–or just ancient history in general? Me too!


Food Your Home School: Resources for Studying Ancient Egypt


I really don’t know much about these websites (except Wikipedia). I just know I ran across them sometime in the last twenty or so years, I found them useful, and they’re still active. I hope to add more in the future (because I’m pretty sure more exploration of ancient Egyptian history is in my future . . . .).


  1. Virtual-Egypt – An educational, multimedia resource and community about ancient Egypt. This link is to a timeline of events but there are other things. Somebody really likes ancient Egypt!
  2. Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs). A list of Egyptian kings from touregypt.net, many of them with bios. You can never have too many king lists, can you?
  3. Timeline of ancient Egypt. A timeline of periods, dynasties, and significant people in table form, plus a timeline of events and significant people in table form. Charts and tables are essential. Links to other resources.
  4. Egypt Dictionary Index. Also from touregypt.net.
  5. Egypt: History – Pharaonic Dynasties and Egyptian history from the Lower Paleolithic Period through the English Occupation. Another touregypt.net page. Apparently I liked the way they present information!
  6. Physical Map of Libya, Egypt, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Somalia – Atlapedia Online
  7. Timeline of Ancient Egypt. Timelines you can buy.
  8. WebBible Encyclopedia from ChristianAnswers.Net. I had linked to Pharaoh but I’m sure there’s lots more there!
  9. Egyptian chronology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia has a lot of information, of course! You may get lost. Be sure to check out the references and links at the end of each page for even more.
  10. List of pharaohs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another starting point.
  11. Em Hotep – Egyptology for the Layperson and the Scholar. A site by someone who really likes Egypt.
  12. Ancient Egyptian Culture. About paleolithic Egypt. I’m always looking for clues to Egypt’s beginnings. I say “clues” because that’s certainly all I expect to find reading stuff like this!
  13. Online Bible. Not specific to Eygpt, but one of my favorite study resources for any ancient topic.


Suggestions welcome!


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