Christian Modesty 101 (Or, The Primary Purpose of Clothing)

Have you ever really thought about the purpose of clothing?


If you’re trying to decide what to wear, it helps if you know why you wear clothing in the first place. Of course, it’s customary, and legally required under most circumstances, but what does clothing really mean to people?


Before every what comes a why.


Christian Modesty 101


My observation of fashion and fashionable people has led me to conclude that the primary purpose of clothing to “the world” is decoration. The main thing is that is look good and make us look good.

My observation of the Bible leads me to believe that the true primary purpose of clothing is coverage. I have nothing against beautiful clothing but the context seems to strongly indicate that the “coats of skins” in Genesis 3:21 were not for decorative purposes.


If this is true, it certainly explains a lot of things. 


It explains the things we see. In stores. On people around us. On Pinterest.

It should answer a lot of questions about what constitutes modest clothing.


What is the primary purpose of your clothing?


Are you primarily trying to decorate yourself, and then trying to make sure you don’t reveal too much (whatever that is)? Or are you first trying to clothe yourself, and then to do it in a tasteful manner?


Remember the coats of skin. That’s where it started. Not with “the look.”

I’m sure God loves beautiful things (he certainly made a lot of them!) and you can too ~ just don’t forget what clothing is actually for!


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