Six Highly Searchable Recipe Sites

There are SO many recipes sites and recipe blogs out there.

These (and, I’m sure, others I’m not aware of) are kind of special because they have a lot of recipes yet are highly searchable so you can find recipes that meet your specific requirements.


Six Highly Searchable Recipe Sites ~


Recipe Archive

Categories and sub-categories (easily accessed from a single page), plus search. Enhanced search options: main categories, cuisine, keyword, main ingredient (limited number of options),  and % calories from fat.

Many ways to browse recipes. View all recipes and then narrow your search, or search by keyword and then narrow. You can also browse all categories.



Simple or advanced search. Advanced search includes keyword, ingredients to include or not include, cuisine, prep time, and more! You can also browse recipes in multiple ways.


Taste of Home

Browse recipes many different ways.  Search by keyword, then refine your search in many different ways.


Betty Crocker

Browse in many different ways. Search by keyword and then narrow search.



Yes, Pinterest! I use it as a search engine for some things. It works well for recipes! True, it’s not really a recipe site but many recipes have been pinned, giving you searchable access to recipes from many different sources.  It’s mostly a keyword search but you can narrow your results by a handful of diets. The results are not as precise as recipe site searches but it is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to search recipes from all over the web. Update: Pinterest is definitely a go-to place for recipes now, and they’ve improved features in this respect over the years.


Do you know of any other “highly searchable” recipe sites?


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