Real Life Organizing: Cardboard Box Cabinets

Need more cabinets but can’t afford them? Here’s a simple solution.


Make cabinets out of cardboard boxes!



Real Life Organizing: Cardboard Box Cabinets


Sometimes it’s ugly (like in this photo). However, a good, sturdy box with orderly contents would look much better. Either way, it’s storage, and that’s the point!


Tips for Making and Using Cardboard Box Cabinets

Use the sturdiest boxes you can find. The sturdier the box the better.

If you put anything on top of a box cabinet it will droop—heaver stuff will make a box go faster.

If you stack them, the lower ones will be squished. Store the heaviest things on the bottom and the lightest things on the top.

Put the shorter sides on the top and bottom. They won’t droop as fast that way.

Rotate the pressure periodically by flipping the boxes the other way and letting them “squish back.”

If you happen to have a box (or combination of boxes) the right height you can put them in the middle of a wide box as a divider. This will also keep the box from drooping. I’ve had a “cabinet” like this in my bathroom for years without any drooping at all!

I’ve slipped a rarely used hardback book in the center of a box cabinet to hold up the top.


Temporary cabinet made out of a cardboard box.


What We Can Learn From This Real Life Organizing Solution

Card board boxes are our friends (especially clean, sturdy boxes)!

It doesn’t have to be a cabinet to function as a cabinet. If you need extra storage and can’t find the perfect solution, what do you have that you can use for a temporary solution?


Have you ever made cabinets out of cardboard boxes?


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