Real Life Organizing

Real Life Organizing. What in the world is that?

It’s organizing solutions that actually work for your real life, right now. It’s a simple solution to the complex and discouraging problem of trying to be organized when you just don’t have the right tools, materials, money, or skills for what everyone else is doing or for what you think would be ideal.


Real Life Organizing: doable, realistic storage and organization solutions for the rest of us


It isn’t always pretty—it just works.


It isn’t always perfect—but it’s always an improvement.


It isn’t always what’s hot—but it fits any budget.


It isn’t always the best—it’s the best you can do right now.


It doesn’t always work well—but it works better than what you had before.


It isn’t always easy—but it’s always worth it.


It isn’t always what you want—but it doesn’t have to be permanent.


In short, real life organizing is what YOU can do NOW to make a real difference in the way your life works. It’s doable and realistic, even when it isn’t pretty!


Here at Keeping Home, I’m going to be sharing Real Life Organizing solutions that have worked for me. You’ll find them titled “Real Life Organizing,” followed by a brief description of the solution. I’ll also be sharing tips to make it work and will use my examples to help you find your own Real Life Organizing solutions!


Don’t even have a “dollar store budget”? No problem! Most of my experience is based on a “can’t afford dollar store solutions” budget!

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