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Two Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Safe and More Comfortable At the Same Time

Two Simple Ways to Improve the Safety and Comfort of Your Home At the Same Time

Want to improve your home’s safety and comfort at the same time? Without getting in over your head?

November is “comfort month” around here, at least this year. That’s because I’m running a Homemaker’s Club at my church and our “curriculum” (also known as monthly themes) is based on The 12 Principles of Home Management. We’re on principle #2 (Comfort) in November. Last month was Safety (so I’m still thinking about both). I figure I can accomplish more on the home front, the job front, and the church front if I’m not trying to focus on so many completely different things. So it’s comfort all around!

Here are a couple of ways you can improve both the safety and comfort of your home.

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The Home Management Principle of Safety: An Overview of What It Involves

The Home Management Principle of Safety: and Overview of What It Involves

Now it’s time to start applying the twelve principles of home management. What does the principle of safety involve?

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