What Does Faith Mean? Bible Verse/Reference Matching Game

What does faith mean? Explore and reinforce the meaning of biblical faith with this free printable Bible verse and reference matching worksheet!

While you can use the What Does Faith Mean? Bible Verse/Matching Worksheet simply as a party game with a biblical background, it’s also a great memory tester, making it a tool for memorizing Bible verses that relate to faith. As a “game,” it can serve as a conversation starter on the subject of faith ~ and what faith means ~ making it a precursor to deeper thought, discussion, and Bible study. 

This Faith Bible Verse/Reference Matching Game is Great For:

  • Bible verse memorization
  • School or homeschool
  • Parties or Church socials
  • Women’s Ministry Events,  Youth Events, and other church activities
  • Family fun
  • Part of a family worship, personal devotional, or Bible study program

Details About the What Does Faith Mean? Bible Verse/Reference Matching Worksheet

Please note that the verses in this Bible verse/reference matching worksheet are taken from the KJV (King James Version). The file contains the Bible verse/reference matching worksheet plus an answer key. You could also look up the verses in the Bible to check answers but I included the answer key for your convenience in case you need it. The worksheet includes thirteen Bible verses related to faith.

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This free printable Bible verse/reference matching worksheet is part of the What Does Faith Mean? series and the printable puzzles and games collection. Want more?

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  1. This Faith Bible Verse/Reference Matching Worksheet is an excellent tool for deepening one’s understanding of biblical faith. It promotes memorization of relevant Bible verses, making it ideal for various settings like homeschooling, church events, or personal devotion. It encourages meaningful discussions about faith, fostering spiritual growth. Explore and reinforce your faith with this valuable resource.

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