Do You Struggle With Implementation?

Do you struggle with implementation?

By that I mean, do you have a hard time getting things done that you need to do or want to do? Accomplishing goals? Following through? Actually carrying out your plans and achieving your dreams (even tiny ones)? Applying what you know to your life and making changes? I don’t just mean hard things, I mean pretty much anything.

I do. I know many of you do too.

Maybe it’s just in several key areas of your life (like housekeeping, getting organized, living a healthy lifestyle).

Maybe it’s everywhere, with anything (that would be me!).

Maybe you blame yourself.
I guess I’m just lazy.
Why do I always procrastinate?
I’ll never amount to anything.
If I could just . . . .

Maybe you blame other people. Maybe you blame your circumstances.

While all three of those things can be factors (you, other people, and your circumstances), randomly throwing out blame where it seems to fit isn’t getting you anywhere.

Do You Struggle With Implementation?

What I Want You to Know If You Struggle With Implementation

Here are 5 things I’d like you to know.

1) You’re not alone.

You are not the only person who struggles with implementation. You are not even the only one who struggles with some of the same things you struggle with.

2) There’s always a reason (more likely, multiple reasons).

You may or may not really know the reasons, even if you think you do.

3) We all face barriers to the completion of goals.

Every human being. Some of us have more barriers to deal with (and there are a variety of reasons for that). Some of us have barriers others can’t even imagine. Which is why they don’t understand why we can’t “just do it.”

4) Recognizing what our actual barriers are and finding ways to get through them is the key to success.

You can’t solve a problem you don’t recognize. You can’t fight a battle when you don’t even know where the battle line is.

You may be swinging your sword at the wrong thing. It is so easy to put the blame in the wrong place, or at least, when we recognize some barriers, to just stop there and give up, not looking into why we can’t get around that barrier.

5) You have to keep looking until you find the problem.

Then keep looking until you find the solution. This requires analysis. If you want to get things done that you are not getting done, to carry out your plans instead of always staying stuck at the planning stage, you have to analyze WHY you get stuck. And keep analyzing and testing until you GET THROUGH.

I’m not THROUGH yet but I have learned a lot about myself and I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts with you that will, hopefully, help you identify and beat your personal barriers so that you can actually get things done!

So, do you struggle with implementation?

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