What’s Keeping You From Getting Things Done?

If you are chronically not getting things done:

Not keeping up
Not reaching your goals
Not maintaining routines

If you are chronically:


This post is for you!

What's Keeping You From Getting Things Done?

If You’re Chronically Not Getting Things Done

Here are three things I want you to know:

1) We all face barriers.

I guess we could say that a barrier is anything that stops our progress in some way or that significantly slows us down to the point of endangering our success. It’s interference. Roadblocks. Brick walls. Detours. Sabotage. You name it. You’ve felt it.

If you’re struggling to be a good homekeeper, if you can’t get organized, if you always know better than you do, if you just keep failing at your goals and resolutions, you are running into barriers.

Some barriers are like running into a brick wall. Others are like trying to get through an endless swamp full of sticky mud and briers. The parallels are endless (what are your barriers like?).

2) It’s really easy to get those barriers wrong.

We put the blame in the wrong place. Maybe we’re completely wrong, or maybe we have correctly identified a barrier (that is, it really is a problem) but it’s not really the biggest barrier or the one we need to focus on.

It’s so easy to think we “must be lazy” when we’re actually tired (especially if other people have told us we are).

It’s so easy to blame having a perpetually messy house on having kids (Seriously? people with kids have had clean, neat houses before. It’s been done) and just stop there.

It’s easy to blame difficulty housekeeping on a small house or a lack of money, without looking deeper into why you can’t overcome those challenges.

3) Giving up is not an option.

I’m not saying you have to carry out every plan you’ve ever made or continue to press toward every goal you’ve ever had, nor am I saying that you should be able to accomplish as much as the next person regardless of your circumstances.

I‘m saying that some things really matter and that you shouldn’t let those barriers stop your forward progress on things that truly matter.

There’s a reason you are struggling. Probably multiple reasons. Find the reason!

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