Mini Bible Reading: Moses and the Burning Bush

Want to read Bible stories together? In “parts?” Here’s a mini Bible reading from the book of Exodus, the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.


Mini Bible Reading: Moses and the Burning Bush


What Is a Bible Reading?

Do you long to bring Bible stories alive for yourself and your children? Great for adults or older children, Bible Readings are designed for family worships, evening entertainment, and private performances in the home.

A dramatized Bible reading is intended to make the stories of the Bible come alive and help the readers put themselves in the place of the characters in the story. Both readers and listeners may find that the characters and events seem more real when they or their family members are cast in the story. Includes instructions and formatted readings for each major character plus a master copy for minor characters. Also includes a large print master copy!


Moses and the Burning Bush

I have a couple of Bible Readings in my Etsy shop. This mini Bible Reading, however, is free! Enjoy reading the story of Moses and the burning bush together as a family. This reading requires four readers (although one of them only has three words!). It’s taken from the KJV (pretty much word-for-word). The “instructions” explain all that.


Download now!


Get your copy and have fun!


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