Real Life Organizing: Box On a Closet Shelf

Now there’s an idea! Store stuff in a box on a closet shelf. Who would have thought?


But, seriously, . . . . Sometimes simple solutions make a big difference! Here’s the reason behind this simple Real Life Organizing solution and what it’s doing for me.


Real Life Organizing: Box On a Closet Shelf


A Real Life Organizing Problem


It’s high shelf and a deep shelf.

The higher shelf is harder to reach and it’s harder to dig for things on a top shelf. Just not very handy. Yes, I do have things on the other side of the same shelf but those are bulkier. It’s easier for me to see what I want on that side, easier¬† to pull out the one thing I need, easier to put things back, and easier to remember what’s in the back (probably three or four things!). But the right side? Different story. It’s much smaller stuff. It’s also stuff I don’t use often so I want it up there out of the way.


A Real Life Organizing Solution

So, how do you make rarely used items on a higher, deeper shelf easily accessible? Put them in a box! It’s easy to pull the whole box down and easy to keep the box contents neat and orderly.


What It’s Doing for Me

The things I store in this box are pieces of clothing I rarely use. When I do wear them, it’s usually to church. When I want one of these special garments, I just pull down the box, look through the things in it, find what I need, and put the box back. No reaching and no re-stacking!

If I had to dig through the top shelf, I would probably just wear something else . . . over and over again, or pull everything down and leave it there for three or four weeks. That’s life. Without a box.


My challenge to you: Make some little adjustment in your organization that makes some part of your life simpler or easier.



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